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CTRL ALT Gamejam 2022 Awards

Sept. 18, 2022 - By The Sinistro

During the days August 31st to September 12th, I participated in the CTRL ALT Gamejam (link).

I worked in a 5 people team (Equipe #03 - Alternative Control Game Makers) during these days and we created a small game called Boom! Boom! Castle. You can see all about the development of the game here - link

The gamejam award ended today and we had some few categories without prizes and a big winner in the Best Game category, that will have all Steam taxes paid and mentoring from the CRTL ALT company.

Some games will continue to have mentoring and feedback from CTRL ALT after the gamejam is over, if the teams are interested in continuing the development of the games.

You can play all the games developed for CTRL ALT Gamejam right here

Here´s the link to play Boom! Boom! Castle

See all the Reviews of the game - link

Here´s the link to see the Awards on Twitch Channel of the CTRL ALT Gamejam

CTRL ALT Gamejam 2022 Awards

CTRL ALT Gamejam 2022 Awards Winners

Here are all the Winners:

Inova Award: LifeWind by Equipe #32 - Hatsunai

Best Narrative: Cryptidia by Equipe #11 - Team Eleven

Best Visuals: Cryptidia by Equipe #11 - Team Eleven

Best Sound: Unboxing by Equipe #48 - Chuchu Games

Best Game Design: Apothecarius by Equipe #?? - MattBolere

Best Theme: Boom! Boom! Castle by Equipe #03 - Alternative Control

BEST GAME: PathFinder by Equipe #28 - ALT F4

Best Narrative by Popular Vote: Will You Sign? by Equipe #38 - Hometown

Best Visuals by Popular Vote: Sky Tower by Equipe #49 - Powerful

Best Sound by Popular Vote: So Fart Away by Equipe #09 - Rataiada

Best Game by Popular Vote: So Fart Away by Equipe #09 - Rataiada

Boom! Boom! Castle was nominated as one of the top 9 games of the gamejam by the jury.

Boom! Boom! Castle was ranked #7 by popular votes. Also ranked #7 as one of the best sound/music of the gamejam by popular votes.

CTRL ALT Gamejam 2022 Awards

In the feedback, we lost because of just ONE of the mechanics, the Rocket Jump that was too complex to use (point the mouse to the ground and press the left button in the mouse + space + A or D to move the character), since it was the only way for the player to access the top parts of the castle.
Every single person who played the game complained about that (even the judges), and that was one of the things that I didn´t like about the game that I mentioned earlier in the other post (I also hated to play with a mouse/touchpad in a platformer).
So, big lesson - if gamers start to complain a lot about something in your game (EVEN your teammates), try to fix it.

My favourite game of the gamejam was: So Fart Away (link)!
Please try it!

Here´s the list of all teams:
Equipe #46 - TO COM FOME
Equipe #06 - Corvos
Equipe #40 - Psicopatos
Equipe #42 - Mundo invertido
Equipe #?? - MattBolere
Equipe #38 - Hometown
Equipe #17 - JoinStick
Equipe #32 - Hatsunai
Equipe #23 - Equipe Pague+
Equipe #22 - Time Limite
Equipe #21 - Chewbaccas
Equipe #0?? - Ramon Rodrigues (Solo)
Equipe #28 - ALT F4
Equipe #07 - EQUIPE 7
Equipe #44 - More Kaijus
Equipe #25 - A for Ally Studios
Equipe #05 - Hightground Studios
Equipe #34 - La Casa de Café
Equipe #29 - Bonanza Bros
Equipe #16 - Arcade Age
Equipe #12 - E-Keep
Equipe #19 - Pastel de Cana
Equipe #04 - Pirate Ship
Equipe #50 - Rafael Andrade
Equipe #24 - Traumas não resolvidos
Equipe #03 - Alternative Control
Equipe #48 - Chuchu Games
Equipe #09 - Rataiada
Equipe #15 - Equipe Amento
Equipe #11 - Team Eleven
Equipe #?? - etrealjunior
Equipe #35 - GamePeople
Equipe #45 - Rushers
Equipe #27 - Lendários de Aqala
Equipe #01 - Quem não deve não teme
Equipe #?? - Fabio Diorama
Equipe #31 - SEM NOME
Equipe #02 - Capivárias
Equipe #14 - TEKU
Equipe #41 - Last Minute
Equipe #37 - Michelles
Equipe #43 - Double Mind
Equipe #33 - Hollow Harpy
Equipe #30 - Vulpni Studio
Equipe #26 - Fouques
Equipe #10 - No XP
Equipe #13 - Apenas um time
Equipe #08 - Sentinela de Aço
Equipe #36 - Serious Cereal
Equipe #49 - Powerful
Equipe #18 - Ambivalence studio’s

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