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Learn about the main character and the bosses of the game

ShadowKitty - Alyssia KittyField ShadowKitty (Alyssia KittyField)
A highschooler trying to recover all stolen arts from the museum

Ninja Cat Eiji Ninja Cat Eiji (Eiji Ishikawa)
Heir of an ancient ninja clan

Big White Big White (Paollo Whitefang)
Tony Montiger's Right Hand.
He also commands the henchmen of the organization

Punk Wolf Punk Wolf (Roul Ashnard)
A guitarist with shocking skills

TV Head TV Head
A crazy cat who runs a tv station in the city.
Nobody knows if he's actually a robot, cyborg or something else

Lydia DarkBunny Lydia DarkBunny (Lydia de Caligari)
A powerful bunny magician from overseas

Flora Alraune Flora Alraune
An opera singer and the adopted daughter of Tony Montiger.
She rules the Cassino of the city

Death Death
A Secret Boss.
She´s not the "real death", she´s actually from a Nightmare

Arséne Mask Arséne Mask (Unknown)
ShadowKitty's rival.
A mysterious thief from overseas that uses a high tech mask

Queen Bee Annette Queen Bee Annette (Annette Pantalonia)
A dangerous queen bee with hundreds of servants

Mei Kitty Mei Kitty (Mei Ling Guanyu)
A powerful Asian feline

Chimp Lee Chimp Lee (Nao Guowang Lee)
A martial arts enthusiast

Witch Kitty Witch Kitty (Selina Le Rouge)
A powerful teen witch from a bloodline of feline witches

Aldrid Bloodstone Countess Bloodstone (Aldrid Bloodstone)
A lonely singer tricked by her agent into committing crimes

Tony Montiger Tony Montiger
The mobster who rules the city through his criminal organization