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Check our Blog for news and updates of ShadowKitty: Thief by Night.

We´ll also post some news about gaming events and gamejams that we participate, some tips about programs, art, animation, programming and some making of stuff of the game.

Please check us at least once per week.

SpyBird - a new gamejam game!

Hi everyone! I´m participating again in the Ctrl Alt Gamejam #2

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Wishlist ShadowKitty on Steam!

ShadowKitty´s store page is up on Steam and the game can be wishlisted now!

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Halloween Ghostland

This time I´m posting about a side project that I´m developing for a few months to practice Unity.

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Here are some tips for Gamejams and a list of the games that I developed in some of these.

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You´re a Big Boy Now - The SandBox Game

My great friend Antonio Teoli worked in the game expansion You´re a Big Boy Now from the SandBox Game

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Boom! Boom! Castle - A gamejam game

During the days August 31st to September 12th, I participated in the CTRL ALT Gamejam.
Here´s the full story.

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ManEater Movie

My great friend Antonio Teoli wrote some songs for a shark movie!

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Starting the Blog!

Here´s an introduction about me and the development of Shadowkitty.

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