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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is ShadowKitty: Thief by Night?
  • The game is a 2D Action Platformer under development inspired by games like Megaman X, Spelunky (Procedural), Ducktales and CupHead.
  • Who is behind this game?
  • ShadowKitty is being developed by StarQuarius Studio (Fernando Sinistro), a small indie developer based in São Paulo, Brazil.
  • What is the genre of this game?
  • 2D Action Platfomer. Inspired by classic games like Megaman X, but with a more modern visual, while also inspired by retro cartoon shows like Batman: The Animated Series, DuckTales, TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles, DarkWing Duck and X-Men. There´s also a little bit of Anime influence in the game.
  • What is the gameplay like?
  • Shadowkitty will be a fast paced action platfomer where you must search every stage for stolen arts and defeat a Boss at the end of each stage.
    You can unlock a Secret Boss if you collect a secret art piece in each stage, but don´t worry, you can replay, I mean 'Reprise' each stage again anytime, but since the layouts of the stages are all procedural, the layout will always change everytime you play the game or enter/restart a stage.
    There are a few puzzles in the stages, but nothing complex, like avoiding lasers, searching for keys, hiding from searchlights or pressing a button in a terminal that unlocks a door for a limited time.
    There´s also some Visual Novel story segments in the game.
    Defeated Bosses will reappear again for a re-fight in the final stages of the game.
  • Are there other game modes?
  • Aside from the Story Mode there are a few other modes planned: Challenges, Boss Rush, Survival (random stages in sequence until the player is defeated), Gallery and possibly a Battle Arena (Multiplayer) where you possibly can play with the Bosses too. There are plans for Online and Offline LeaderBoards for all modes and difficulty settings.
    But some game modes can be cut if they are too much troublesome to develop (and maybe they could only enter in possible sequels). I`m just one guy, and sometimes developers have to cut something to finish a game.
  • What engine are you using to develop the game?
  • I´m using Unity engine.
    I´m actually taking programming classes (Unity) and also Game Design Document while developing the game.
  • How did this project started?
  • This project started as a way to practice 2D animation and programming, since no one would hire me in this industry.
    I want to create a game that I would enjoy playing (based on classic games and cartoon shows) and my nephews would love too.
    You can see more about the initial development of the game in his post - link
  • When the demo will be available?
  • Soon
  • How much will the game cost?
  • For now, the game will cost $19.99, unless something happens and I really need to change its value.
  • When the game will be released?
  • For now, I hope I can have a beta version by the end of 2023.
    Since it´s a indie game and I´m solo developing it only at my free time, I also have my regular job and online courses that I´m attending, so the development can take much more time than planned.
    But the game will be released, I can ensure that, there´s no plans to stop its development.
  • Can I wishlist it in Steam?
  • Yes! You can wishlist now on Steam: link
  • What platforms will the game be available on?
  • ShadowKitty will be released first on PC (Steam), all copies will be digital.
    Later on, the game will be ported to Nintendo Switch, Playstation and XBOX.
  • Will there be a physical release of the game?
  • I plan on contacting a Publisher that can make physical releases if the game gets enough players interested in it.
    But only limited versions of the game, so keep in contact with us after the game is released.
  • Will ShadowKitty be available on mobile devices?
  • There´s no plan for a phone or tablet version.
    Also, no plans for Linux, Mac or Stadia versions.
  • Will ShadowKitty be available for pre-order?
  • No, but you will be able to add it to your wishlist on Steam later in this year.
  • Will it be free-to-play?
  • No.
  • What are the minimal requirements for my computer to run this game?
  • We´ll work on optimizing the game to make it run on laptops and lower end computers.
    Specifications will become available when the game is released.
  • What is the intended age rating for this game?
  • ShadowKitty aims for a ESRB +10 rating and Pegi 12.
    It will have Cartoon Violence and some slightly Mild Language.
  • What languages will the game support?
  • The main language of the game will be English, with options for subtitles in Portuguese BR (from Brazil, since is my main language and I can port it myself). There are plans to add more languages if I have funding or if I can enough save money for the translation of other languages. I'll announce any additional languages much later in development.
    Planned languages (subtitles and menus only) includes: Spanish, German, Italian, French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Arabic. But only if I have enough funding for those.
  • Can I play the game with a specific controller or some other periferal?
  • I´ll use Rewired from Unity Asset Store to ensure that you can play with anything that this amazing asset supports. It will allow to customize the controls as you like.
    Please check this link for more information:
  • Are you working with a Publisher?
  • No yet, I´m on my own creating the game.
    I was contacted by a few publishers and signed a few NDAs, but no publishing contract was ever signed.
    But I keep in touch with some of them from time to time.
    The game was 'too green' for any contract at these times when they contacted me, I admit it.
    But made me happy to see that the game is interesting enough at least to get contacted early.
  • Do you need a Musician?
  • The songs of the game will be created by Antonio Teoli, a great friend of mine -
    When I showed him just the very first sketch of ShadowKitty, he said he would like to join in, and of course I accepted.
    He´s such a amazing guy, I´m very glad to have him aboard.
    Of course, if something happens and he can´t participate, I´ll understand.
  • Do you need Voice Acting?
  • Not for now, but if I have enough funding I´ll add voice acting to the game in the latter stages of the game.
  • Do you need a Programmer?
  • Currently not, maybe when the game is in a more advanced stage.
  • Do you need Testers?
  • Currently not, maybe when the game is in a more advanced stage.
  • Can I support the game?
  • Please follow our social medias (at the footer) and comment/retweet about the game.
  • Can I interview you for my Youtube Channel, Stream on Twitch, Website, Blog, Magazine or whatever?
  • I would be glad to.
    There´s a Press Kit section in the site for Images, videos, logos and other informations if you need.
  • What's the best way to get in touch with the team?
  • For now, on our Twitter or you can email us at
    We´ll create a Discord Channel later, when the project is nearly finished.
  • Can I make fan arts of the game?
  • I would like to see! Just remember to send a link to our social medias or email
    We plan to add a fan section in the site after the game is released to showcase the coolest arts and videos about the game.
  • Will you make some kind of merchandise for the game?
  • There´s some t-shirts and other things planned after the game is released.
    If the game is really successful enough, we could plan a toy line and a cartoon show too.
  • Does this game have micro-transactions, crypto, NFTs, in-game purchases?
  • No.
  • Why not going to Kickstarter/Indie Gogo to get funding for the game?
  • Kickstarter/Indie Gogo doesn´t allow my country to use their platform (at least legally).
  • Why not funding it by a local government´s financing edict?
  • I´ve never found one that I really could fit in, and it´s so troublesome and scares the hell of me to give it back all the money if they audit you and you don´t pass, at any time during the project´s development or even years after it´s finished - there was one that was audited again TEN years later and only then, had to refund everything with lots of taxes.
    So many paperwork to do and I hardly would be accepted anyway. Maybe I´m lucky for it.
  • Risks and challenges
  • The biggest risks involved here are the same as with most indie game development: Time and resources.
    There's always a chance for the title to not be released right at the deadline.
    ShadowKitty is being made completely by one person, so problems can always appear during development and it will delay the project.
  • I have an idea for...
  • Please, no.
    Unless you will hire me to work on it.
  • I have a question that wasn't answered here!
  • That's ok! Email us: