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Apr. 22, 2023 - By The Sinistro

Another Quickie Breaking news!


ShadowKitty´s store page is up on Steam and the game can be wishlisted now!

Please wishlist it if you like the game or ShadowKitty.

Wishlist Us!



ShadowKitty: Thief by Night is the adventure of a teenager catgirl stealing back stolen arts from criminals and bringing it all back to the museum.


The game is a fun 2D Action Platformer heavily inspired by games like Megaman X, Spelunky, Ducktales Remastered and CupHead, while also being inspired by retro cartoon shows like Batman: The Animated Series, DuckTales, TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men and DarkWing Duck. There´s also a little bit of Anime influences in the game.


- Since the game is still under development, it might take longer than planned to develop it -
- There´s no gameplay videos for now, only in June -



· 2D Action Platformer
· Procedural Levels
· 1 Player (Story Mode)
· Language: English
· Stages: 13
· Cartoon Style / Animated Violence
· Visual Novel Story Segments
· Unlock her rival Arséne Mask after beating the game
· Engine: Unity
· Release Date: TBA



Shadowkitty will be a fast paced action platformer where you must search every stage for stolen arts and defeat a Boss at the end of each stage.

ShadowKitty can make combos with her claws or use non-lethal weapons (Gummy Gun, Boomerang and Smoke Bomb) against her enemies.


You can unlock a Secret Boss if you collect a secret art piece in each regular stage, but don´t worry, you can replay, I mean 'Reprise' each stage again anytime, but since the layouts of the stages are all procedural, the layout will always change everytime you play the game or enter/restart a stage.


There are a few puzzles in the stages, but nothing really complex, like avoiding lasers, searching for keys, hiding from searchlights or pressing a button in a terminal that unlocks a door for a limited time.


There´s also some Visual Novel story segments in the game (but you can skip all cutscenes).

Defeated Bosses will reappear again for a re-fight in the final stages of the game.


► Stay tooned for more updates as the game is getting made, Meow!

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