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Starting the Blog!

Sept. 17, 2022 - By The Sinistro

Hi! I’m The Sinistro and I´m the developer of ShadowKitty: Thief by Night.

I have a background in web development for more than fifteen years, while also creating freelancer stuff as a ilustrator. I also had animations classes from Doga Kobo Japan, way back from 2001.

I’ll be using this blog to show the updates of the progress of my games, but also to give hints for aspiring indie game developers about gamejams, events and other things. Some making of stuff may appear from time to time in this blog, so keep watching it.

Currently I´m learning as I develop ShadowKitty, taking online classes from EBAC (British School of Creative Arts and Technology) in Unity Programming and GameDesign Document and also other smaller courses from Domestika and Udemy.

Feel free to send me a message at if you are starting your game journey too.


ShadowKitty´s Development

ShadowKitty came to me by chance, I wasn´t planning to work in this game at the time.

I was actually planning another game (that I´ll still develop later) when I saw a gamejam called CatBoy/CatGirl Gamejam at

I really wanted to join this gamejam, but I had an overload of work at my job at that time and couldn't participate. But I kept having these cool ideas about a catgirl that steals artworks and her rival, another thief that would compete with her (Arséne Mask was created right of the bat, at least without a visual, because he was the hardest one to design). The ideas just kept going on and I really wanted to work in the game, so even after the gamejam was over, I was planning the game whenever I could.

I won´t say things were easy.

My notebook was stolen at the first year of the project. I didn´t want to work in the game for 6 months. I was devastated.

But I decided to restart the project from scratch, reusing somethings that I recovered from social media and stuff that I sent to friends. But I had to redo everything. ShadowKitty was trully reborn after that.

Some time later, I started to have classes in a programming course, planning to have a prototype as fast as I could, but after 6 months and we didn´t even touched Unity, I gave up that course. Months passed and I finally found another course that really could help me to create a prototype.

And that´s the current stage of the project, I´m still working in the prototype. Sometimes I pause the project to enter gamejams to get some experience, but only if the gamejam is interesting enough. The game will be released, I ensure that, I didn´t gave up on ShadowKitty after I was robbed. And I won´t give up her game until I finish it.

So, even if the game takes way more time than intended, even if I make mistakes along the way, I hope I can deliver a fun and high quality game in the end.

That´s all for the first blog entry, hope it wasn’t too long.
Thank you for reading my very first blog post, stay tooned for more updates soon.
And guess what? My birthday will be tomorrow (Sept 18)!

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The Sinistro

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Got his nickname 'Sinistro' after a fun beach trip.

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