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SpyBird - a new gamejam game!

May. 13, 2023 - By The Sinistro




Hi everyone! I´m participating again in the Ctrl Alt Gamejam #2

Here´s the link of the page - link for the gamejam.

You can also check the older blog entries of the first Ctrl Alt Gamejam - link 1 and the Awards - link 2


This time, the teams could choose between one among 9 Themes:
· Bubbles and Jelly
· The Time is Relative
· Conflict and Duality
· Out of Control
· Pigeons and Power
· The Sense of Things
· Adaptation
· Sleazy (Xexelento)
· Memes


We also had a record of 127 teams in this edition.


You still can play the game that I worked in the last Ctrl Alt Gamejam, Boom! Boom! Castle - link

❖ TEAM ❖

In this gamejam, I joined a new pre-made team that wanted to make a 3D game.
We tried some ideas for all the themes, but we ended choosing the Pigeons and Power theme.


This time my team have a total of 6 game developers:



Los Cuernos


Rodrigo Bego (Bigoll) - 3D Modeler
Graduated in Technology of Digital Games by FACENS, it is his 1st gamejam.


Luiz Silva (Jeffs) - Programmer and Teacher (Unity)
Graduated in Digital Games from FACENS, he has been a teacher of Games in Unity for almost 2 years.


Rodrigo Passos (Steps) - Sound Designer and Level Designer
He´s studying Digital Games at FIAP, participated in 20 gamejams, worked at Tapps and is developing The Incredible Beanstalk World.


Fernando Alves (Sinistro) - 2D Art and Marketing
Studying at EBAC, he has participated in 9 gamejams and is developing ShadowKitty: Thief by Night.


Kerley Sousa (Kjuh) - 3D Modeler, 3D Animator and Programmer
Graduated in Information Systems at Ulbra 2019, it's his 1st Game Jam!


Washington Rodrigues (Washi Ichigo) - Game Designer, Level Designer and Narrative Designer
Studying Digital Games at Positivo University, it is also his 1st gamejam and he is developing the game Tenebris.



I made the design of the characters, the script and design of the video pitch, the trailer and other graphical assets, like promo arts, menus and other things.


SpyBird is game where you control a spy pigeon and must infiltrate the White House to become president!


You must dodge the guards and security guards that protect the place, knocking down objects to cause the maximum amount of confusion to go through and advance in each level, while trying to sneak by!


- We are participating in the fist stage of the gamejam, we hope we can somehow get selected to step in the second stage, but there are so many teams this year! Wish us luck! -







SpyBird is a game aimed at casual gamers and people who like challenges or stealth games.
The game has a low-poly 3D look, which tries to emulate a fun cartoon look.


Similar games:
Angry Birds, Untitled Goose Game, Metal Gear Solid, Among Us e Fall Guys.


- This page is under construction, more info about the game is coming soon! -


► Stay tooned for more updates as the game is getting made, Boorkoo!

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