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Hallowen Ghostland

Another game: Halloween Ghostland

Febr. 14, 2022 - By The Sinistro

Hi Everyone! We´re back with a new blog entry.

This time I´m posting about a side project that I´m developing for a few months to practice Unity.

Halloween Ghostland is a game that started as a way to practice programming while I´m taking online classes at Udemy´s course Create a Space Shoot 'Em Up With Unity from James Doyle - link.

I always wanted to create a Halloween Shmup game since my first gamejam.
This game also could be considered a improved version of Halloween Witch Night, a game that I worked on GameJam +


Hallowen Ghostland

Halloween Ghostland´s Development

The idea of the game is simple: a Survivor Shmup.
You play as Sasha DelaRosa, a human witch trying to score as much points as you can.

There are a few power ups to help you survive: Purple Potions will grant a Double Shot, Green Potions are Shields, Yellow Potions will Speed Up the witch. There´s also a Winged Heart that will replenish all health and enemies can drop silver or coins, jewels and food itens that can heal life a little bit.

I´m planning to add a few bosses and improve the enemy waves, fix a few bugs and make the leaderboards work for real.
Wish me luck!

Hallowen Ghostland

Hallowen Ghostland

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